Why Choose Us

Our clients repeatedly tell us the reason they keep coming back again for each new project is the ease of working with us. We ensure that this level of satisfaction is achieved time and again through our internal management systems.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Public Infrastructure works
  • Heritage and conservation
  • Events and temporary

Our staff and engineers take ownership of their roles in each project, focusing on creating the best outcome for our clients. We take action at every step of the project to ensure timely delivery of each project, while using systems and checks internally to ensure the highest quality design is produced at every stage.

We value:

  • Initiative – we have a can-do attitude to the challenges presented by our clients and we act with assertiveness to resolve issues and propose appropriate solutions.
  • Quality – we are proud of the quality of our service and our communication with our clients. We are committed to continuous improvement of the quality of our output to ensure that Ascent Consulting Engineers remain synonymous with excellence.
  • Innovation – we are problem solvers and pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and find pragmatic and constructible solutions to challenging problems. We engage with, and develop, our ideas and those of others to best suit our clients’ needs.
  • Relationships – we actively develop and maintain relationships within the industry, and community at large, to ensure we are in-touch with best practice, community needs and trends.
  • Ownership – as individuals and as a team, we pride ourselves in taking ownership for the work we produce and our involvement in the projects we are engaged on.

We deliver:

  • Practicality – design engineers who have construction site experience which allows us to present designs which are both creative and practical;
  • Communication – engineers you can talk to – we develop a rapport with your consultants and contractors, to be part of the whole project (depending on scope);
  • Flexibility – we are not fixed to one way of doing things – you will get a design tailored to your unique project;
  • Knowledge – we understand the construction practices local trades people prefer meaning that our designs are efficient and economical;
  • Availability – we will return your email and phone enquiries faster than industry standard;
  • Value engineering – we use our skill and experience to assess your proposed construction and evaluate what we can do as designers to facilitate the end result you require by minimising construction time and cost.

We believe in solving construction challenges by designing innovative solutions – our senior engineers’ extensive onsite experience minimises the cost of construction while meeting design objectives.

We strive to keep our clients up to date on the progress of their projects and enjoy exceeding their expectations by delivering results.

With hands-on construction experience, our designs are created to be built efficiently, saving time and money in the build process. Ascent continues to grow by prioritising our clients’ needs for regular communication and budget conscious designs that demonstrate the hands-on experience of the engineers working on each project.