Steel framed dwelling

Project details

  • Location: Pitt Town, NSW
  • Client: BT Architects
  • Project Challenge: Design of steel framed house to suit industrial design

Our client approached us to design a steel framed house in line with industrial construction techniques. The design was constrained around a number of key points including high flood levels, poor soil characteristics and the use of steel and concrete usually seen in industrial construction. The high flood levels meant that the bottom levels had to comply with councils’ requirements for flood levels which meant that it had to be designed to resist high water levels and forces of rising water levels. Steel and concrete for the structural members and floor systems were used which fulfilled the clients design requests and councils’ requirements. The use of these materials also allowed the architectural intent to be met by the builder allowing large open spaces and cantilevered decks to dominate the visual aspect of the dwelling.



Provided exactly what we needed for our slab design. Good value for money.

Tom Urie