Scenic World cable car replacement

Project details

  • Location: Katoomba, NSW
  • Client: Scenic World
  • Project challenge: Design of lifting scheme and equipment for the removal and replacement of the cable car for the famous Skyway.

The Scenic Skyway at Scenic World has been an iconic part of Katoomba’s skyline since becoming Australians first cable car in 1958. It was rebuilt in 2004 with increased capacity to carry 76 passengers over the Jamieson Valley. That carriage was in use until 2017 when Ascent was asked to assist in designing a scheme that would allow the 10 tonne carriage to be removed and replaced with a new larger carriage. The main challenge was developing a scheme that would allow a mobile crane to remove one carriage and replace it with the main cables across the valley remaining insitu. This had not been done since the new Skyway was constructed in 2004. During the Scenic Skyway carriage’s traverse across the void, the angle change in the wire ropes that suspend it mean that a movable counterbalance is required on the East side station. The new, heavier carriage meant that this counterbalance also needed to be increased and using loads provided by the cable car designers Ascent designed modifications to the existing concrete balance.



Provided exactly what we needed for our slab design. Good value for money.

Tom Urie