Prefabricated upper floor addition

Project details

  • Location: Bilpin, NSW
  • Client: GDB Construction
  • Project Challenge: Design of upper floor addition to be built on the ground and craned into position fully finished

The client wanted to construct an upper level to their existing house – the kicker was that they wanted to construct the upper level on the ground and crane it into position fully finished. This presented design challenges so that the interior finishes, including tiles and gyprock did not crack during the crane lift. The floor, wall and roof membranes were designed to allow for deflection during the lift without exceeding the limitations of the brittle internal finishes. The lift went ahead without any complications and was positioned into place with no cracking to the internal linings. This construction method bypassed the need for any working at heights and was a cost effective solution to a generally labour intensive construction.



Very professional and reliable business. I required an engineers certificate for a timber frame project in Bathurst, the service was everything you would expect from a professional organisation.

Dave Allen – Bevelled edge Carpentry.