Precast concrete home

Project details

  • Location: Wentworth Falls, NSW
  • Client: Blue Eco Homes
  • Project Challenge: Design of concrete panel industrial style residential dwelling

The architectural design was constrained around a residential dwelling constructed from concrete panels which are usually used for industrial construction methods. This presented a number of challenges, namely designing a solution that was functional, constructible and met the architectural intent. Considerable attention was given to the exposed steel members used to brace the concrete panels and support the roof members, all of which had to be aesthetically pleasing and meet the client’s expectations. There were considerable challenges between Ascent (design engineers), the builder and the panel manufacturers to meet the tight expectations of the client and the architectural appearance of the dwelling which were overcome with a cooperative design approach between the builder and the design engineers.

This project is expected to be completed in mid 2019.



Very professional and reliable business. I required an engineers certificate for a timber frame project in Bathurst, the service was everything you would expect from a professional organisation.

Dave Allen – Bevelled edge Carpentry.